Artichokes stuffed with eggs

420 calories per portion
4 portions
8 frozen artichokes (use fresh if you will only need the bottom with no foil)
a lemon
8 eggs
200 g peas
250 grams of prepared besamel dressing
5 tablespoons of prepared tomato sauce
white wine made from vinegar
grated cheese
butter, salt, pepper

Boil the artichokes with a little lemon juice.
Boil the peas in salted water and then put them in a mixer used only for vegetables. Then sizzle the puree of peas with a little butter, salt and pepper.
Add the tomato to the Besamel dressing and stir.
Boil the eggs (one by one) in a small casserole with a little vinegar and salt. While we are boiling the eggs, add a teaspoon white part of the egg so that they turn into a white ball and cover themselves with it. Remove them from the water and keep them warm.
In each artichoke we place puree from the peas, then the egg dress them with the Besamel dressing and powder them with plenty of grated cheese. Put the artichokes under the grill for a few minutes so that the cheese starts to turn light brown and serve them very hot.

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