Tinos artists:

Tinos loved arts and traditions. That is confirmed with the unique work of arts, which was recognized not only in Greece but also abroad. This recognition was the passport for the artists and for Greece to obtain world-wide a principal position in Arts.

Giannoulis Halepas( famous sculptor)
Nikolaos Gizis (painter)
Nikiforos Litras ( painter)

Dimitrios Filippotis ( sculptor)
Lazaros Sohos ( sculptor)
Antonis Sohos (sculptor)
Georgios, Markos, Lazaros e Ioannis-Fitalis ( sculptors)

Contemporary artists

Babis Kritikos ( sculptor)
Giorgis Varlamos
Giannis Gaitis
Manthos Gaitis
Nikos Gaitris
Antonios Delatolas
Petros Zoumboulakis
Tina Karagiorgi
Xaralabos Retzepopoulos
Xristos Santamouris
Manthos Santorinaios
Giannis Siotis
Ntina Silikou
Sofia Fortoma
Dimitris Armakolas
Markos Armaos
Lefteris Valakas
Nikos Poukamisas
Antonis Xondrogiannis

Historians from Tinos

Georgiou Doriza ( educator-writer)
G.N.Amiralis ( literature master)

Artists’ biography

Malakates brothers
The brothers Iakovos and Fragiskos Malakates were from the village Isternia of Tinos and they became sculptors. Many famous marble cutters graduated from their school.
Iakovos Malakates who was born in 1808 was a great administrator. He was honoured with the medal of the Silver Cross of Saver. The Bavarian architects gave to him all the great and ornamental works that they undertook. He died in 1885 in Munich.
Fragiskos Malakates was a keen and excellent executor. He died in Athens in 1914.

Fitalis brothers

The four brothers Georgios, Markos, Lazaros and Ioannis Fitalis were born at Isternia of Tinos. The brothers became well known for their artistic genious. At their workshop, was made the sculpture of Patriarch Grigoriou E΄, Kostantinou Kanari, Georgiou Karaiskaki and of many others.

Nikiforos Litras

The painter-philosopher Nikiforos Litras was born in 1832 in Pirgos of Tinos. His teacher, Aleksandros Bon, appreciated his artistic tendency and with the help of the marble quarries Sigel he sent the young Nikiforo in Athens to attend the School of Arts in the technical University. King Othonas, who also recognized his talent, sent him with state scholarship in Munich to the well known Academy of Fine Arts. Litras was dedicated to the style of Piloty and his work-arts were honored. In 1866 was appointed professor in the school of Fine Arts in Greece and he imparted his self-existence and self-action in Art. He was honored with the Silver Cross of Saver. The country was thrown into mourning after his death.

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