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Village- Tinos island
Picture- Village

Tinos does not lack in natural beauty. An unexpectedly varied landscape unfolds in light and shadow, naked boulders, lush valleys, and hidden sandy beaches. The highest mountain peak of the island, Mount Tsiknias was the mythological home of Aeolos, the god of the winds. The medieval capital, with the ruins of the old castle, can be found on the imposing granite mass of Xombourgo. Truly stunning, the lunar landscape near the village of Volax features huge, precariously balanced, rounded granite rocks strewn over the barren earth.

Tinos has a multitude of beaches, all of them good; the most popular are Aghios Fokas, Kionia, Porto, Aghios Sostis, Panoromos, Kolymbithra, Lyhnaftia, Aghios Romanos, Yiannakis and Ammos Ysternion.

Village- Tinos island
Picture- Village - Triandaros
Picture- Stones - Volax

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