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Beautiful village
Picture- Two women in a village alley

Tinos is an island of many secret beauties for those who wish to discover them. For the most part, her villages have retained their traditional architectural beauty and village life of the people with celebration of local festivals.

Clinging to mountainsides or hiding in ravines, these many whitewashed villages represent a fine example of Cycladic architecture. At every turn one discovers the narrow cobble stoned passages, covered archways, blooming gardens, fountains and chapels. Many of the villages have been given the status of traditional settlements.

The dovecotes, a thousand or more, each with an infinite variety of geometric designs made of slithers of slate, and the hundreds of private chapels built in a variety of architectural styles, give the island its most famous aesthetic character.

Pigeon loft
Family Church
Picture- Pigeon Loft
Picture- Family Church

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