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Welcome in Tinos island


Is this your first visit to Tinos? So, the following information will be of some help, in order to have a pleasant stay in Tinos island. A historical comeback to the history of the island might interest some of you. Before you board to the ship to come to Tinos, read the general information. Get informed about the ship and bus schedule and write down some telephone numbers. Maybe you will use them during your stay here.
Arriving in Tinos, you will not face any problem, as far as your accommodation is concerned. Our tourist guide will help you to choose the best hotel or rented rooms. And thatís not all. Our tourist guide will help you to have a pleasant stay, giving you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge about the sights and the museums of Tinos and proposing you some interesting trips or excursions.
Are you busy with your work and you come here for business? Maybe we can help you! In the professional guide, you can find fast and easy the collaborator you are searching for.
Night life? Donít worry about this! You can find cinema, theatres, bars, restaurants, clubs and night shows so as to enjoy your stay here.

Have a pleasant stay!!!

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