The island produces selected potatoes, pumpkins, tomatoes, cucumbers and delicious artichokes. Tinos produces a rare herb which is called alifoni and it used in salads.
If you are going to have lunch in a traditional tavern of Tinos, you will have the opportunity to try delicious local dishes. Your breakfast has to be accompanied with thyme honey.
Don’t forget to eat some local dishes such as garlic sauce, oil artichokes, pork sausages, fried tomatoes, louza ( a kind of cooked pork meat), doves with tomatoes sauce, ampelofasoula ( a kind of beans) etc.

You will be able to buy:
• souvenirs
• paintings
• icons
• sculptures made of marble or of wood
• potteries
• baskets
• textiles
• local sweets as “ amigdalota”, “ skaltsounia”…
• honey
• agricultural products

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