Παναγία της ΤήνουTinos, the third larger island of the Cyclades, is very near to Andros, Myconos and Syros. It is four hours far from the port of Rafina and five hours from the port of Piraeus, when the fast boats reduce the trip to the half. It is an international Christian Center because of the icon of Virgin Καφετέριες στη ΤήνοMary and thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit this holy island in order to bow before the Our Lady’s icon.
Due to the fact that Tinos is very near to the harbors of Piraeus and Rafina, there is the possibility for someone to have a day- trip to Tinos, if the reasons of his visit are only religious.ΙΕΡΑ ΜΟΝΗ ΚΕΧΡΟΒΟΥΝΙΟΥ ΤΗΝΟΥ In such a way, the visitor is able to stay in Tinos only for three hours so he will have the opportunity to visit the church of Virgin Mary and the museums which are located near the church. Waiting for the ship which will lead him back, he can have a coffee or refreshment at the cafeterias near the port.
The visit in Tinos can last six hours. The traveler will pay a visit to the church of Virgin Mary and after that he will have the possibility to hire a car from VINCENZO TRAVEL in order to have a little tour of the island. He will admire the natural beauty of Tinos and he will be able to visit the Monastery of Kehrovouni. After that, he could go swimming in one of the clean and παραλία της Κολυμπήθρας- Τήνοςbeautiful beaches of the island.
χωριό ΒωλάξSomeone who has the possibility to stay in Tinos for eight hours, he will certainly have lots of time to explore the island. He will go to the church paying a visit to the museums of the town, he will walk along the stone- paved roads and afterwards he could hire a car for a little tour in Tinos. He could visit the village Volax, surrounded by big, round rocks whose existence has not been explained till nowadays. Then, he could go to Pyrgos for a quick coffee or lunch where he will admire the Tinian Art on marble and choose the δωμάτιο στα VINCENZO ROOMSbeaches of Panormos for a swim.
In the afternoon, he could go to VINCENZO ROOMS for a nap and then he can enjoy a coffee waiting for the ship.
Of course, in order to explore someone the magic side of Tinos, he has to stay more than one day in the island. Then he will have the opportunity to enjoy peaceful and carefree vacations. Whether you require more information on Tinos island, contact VINCENZO TRAVEL at the telephone number 0030 22830 25888.