Artichoke Pizza

1 large pizza base
3 Spanish onions, that can be cut
· Provisto Sugo sauce
· 3 tomatoes, sliced
· 4 from the sun dried tomatoes finely cut
· 1 can of artichokes hearts, drained and cut in half
· 6 fresh sage leaves
· Black pepper

Pre-warm the oven according to the instructions having to do with pizza bases.Sizzle the onions in an anti-stickable frying pan stirring in the Provisto Sugo sauce and the sun dried tomatoes. Carefully add the artichokes and cook gently until they just get warmed up. Make the edges of the pan contents over the pizza base and put the sage leaves in them. Bake for 10-12 minutes. Useful with a green salad for a tasty weekend lunch. The portions are for 6 people.

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