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Picture Gallery

This is housed in a large room on the northern interior side of the building complex of the church and contains more than 100 paintings by many famous painters: N.Litras, G.Iakovidis, N.Ghizis, K.Parthenis, I.Altamuras, K.Volonakis, G.Roilos, as well as paintings from the Italian and Ionian island Renaissance. Also on display are bibelot, vases, cutlery, tables, a mirror and other objects of great value.

The Archeological Museum

It contains a rich collection of vessels and household items from various periods as well as funerary steles from the 5th century B.C., which were found at Xobourgo and Kambos. There are also Early Geometric and Geometric vases (10-8th century B.C.) from Ktikados and Kardiani, large amphorae with relief depictions (beginning of the 7th century B.C.) and massive amphorae with and clay jars which were found in an Archaic sanctuary excavated at Xoborgo. In the museum’s courtyard are exhibited parts of the tempe's altar of Poseidon and Amphitrite as well as the beautiful mosaic floor found on the Panayia. The museum has a lavish collection of coins from Tinos of which only a few, however, are on display.

Zefi Potiri's dissertation on Tinos Archaeological Museum

The Museum of Tinian Artist

It contains numerous representative works of the island’s artists, many of whom studied with the financial assistance of Holy Foundation Evangelistra. These are works of painting and sculpture, both copies and originals. Among them are the paintings of N.Ghizis, Nikiphoros, Nikolaos and Periklis Lytras, G.Roilos, M.Renieris and sculptures and reliefs by Y.Halepas, L.Sohos, D.Philipotis, G.Vitalis, Lazaros and Markos Fytalis and Ioannis Vougalis.

Exhibition of Ecclesiastical Relics and Icons

It contains many church relicts, mainly icons from 18th and 19th century, as well as the map of Regas Pheraios. There are also woodcarvings by the Tinian artist Ioannis Platis. The collection contains icons by well-known artists (F.Kontoglou, Nik.Lytras) as well.

The Sacristy

It is on the same level as the church, on its eastern side. It contains many remarkable religious items such as valuable gospel books, icons, crosses, chalices, priestly vestments and even the ivory tusks of African elephants.

The Museum of Yiannoulis Chalepas

Contain sketches and sculpture of the artist.

The Ecclesiastical Museum of Arnados

It has been operating since the summer of 1987 in the village of Arnados next to the parish church. It houses old icons from churches in the region, ecclesiastical items, old books and vestments.

The Kechrovuni Convent Museum

This museum contains old icons (mainly from the 18th- 19th century) and various noteworthy ecclesiastical objects as well as a salesroom where the handicrafts of the nuns are available.

The Antonios Sochos Museum

Here the wood and plaster carving of the Tinian academician, Antonios Sohos, are on display.

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