TOPICAL . .. Meeting of Oecumenical Patriarch with the Priest in the Lantern

(Opinions of Saint Terms)

    (via the ecclesiastical press)<<<<<  the recent visit of Pope Benedict JST' in the Oecumenical Patriarchate on the cronjki' feast of Saint Andre'oy (30 November 2006) and then the visit of Makarjwta'toy of Archbishop Athens Mr Hrjstodoy'loy in Vatican (14th Dekem­vrj'oy 2006) proeka'lesan various impressions, estimates and reactions. Parerho'meca those who the ekkosmjkeyme'nos Press evaluated as positive or negatively, in order to epjmej'nwme in those who they concern our salvation, thanks to which we came out from the world in erimj'a the Saint Terms. ..)
        (V) STATEMENT (via the daily press and the M.M.E.)<<<<<<

Archimandrite.Gewrgiou Kapsani Abbot. I. M. Osioy Grigorios Agioy Oroys <<<(. .. . In order to they do not lose the hope of en Hrjstw' of eternal salvation, in seasons difficult the Orthodoxe populations of Balkans djeti'risan Orthodoxe their Faith with the sacrifice of thousands neomarty'rwn, antjsteko'menoj so much sto'n islamization what in exoynjtjsmo'. For this recent, afterwards the kata'rreysj of atheistic arrangements, resurgence of Oynj'as and drastirjo'tis newsof Consents between Orthodoxe populations they constitute most serious challenges for Orthodoxe. And as such it should antjmetwpj'zwntaj, because for one still time they place under endangerment the salvation of unsophisticated souls, "in favour w'n Christ ape'cane" (prvl. Rwm. jd' 15). . .)

Archimandrite.Gewrgiou Kapsani Abbot. I. M. Osioy Grigorios Agioy Oroys <<<< (. .. It is still obvious from above, that the oecumenical session becomes a advisory association of Papw'n. Infallible in the Rwmajokacoljki' Church does not belong in the oecumenical session, but in the Priest. Who however aneki'ryxe the Priest infallible? The laciti' session? In this way the synodical beginning, delivered by the saint Apostles, is replaced by the papokentrjki' beginning. The "infallible" Priest is rendered centre and source of unit of Church, where he means that the Church has need from a person in order to djatiri' in unit. Thus is waived and downgraded the place of Christ and Saint Spirit. And still with the transport it infallible from the Saint Spirit in the person of Priest is limited the eshatologjki' prospect of Church in in the history and is rendered egkosmjokratjki'. . .)

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