It is unexplainable what happens with the Exombourgo. Is it not "poor" and with multiple needs the Municipality of Tinos of hinterland? Naturally and it is. Then can someone explaine it's litteraly astonishing activity in the field of culture? Only one answer should exist. It does not consider, culture, a "poor relative". Rather it considers that it is a investment of a big range or perhaps the people that are managing, they have found the secret: that if you prove that you have vision, you arouse the unselfishness of intellectual persons and you mobilise their talent. See what became with the "legendary" -by now- "reflections". Now Exombourgo "strikes again" and the case is an intellectual debt from last year. Just a while ago i got in my hands the second volume of the collective work "Tinos, history and culture". The man responsible, as in the first volume, Father Markos Foskolos and is dedicated in the culture of island of Virgin Mary. I have to say, again: In such kind of work, the first thing that i look at, is the bibliography. Therefore in this volume it is also, like it's predecessor, RICHEST. But also with a astonishing archival material that makes this book, precious and already a collectible. Therefore i give the same wish that i gave(and I achieved) in the first volume: I will read it.

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