The prefecture of Cyclades in collaboration with the Municipality of Tinos, Eksombourgo and with the Community of Panormos has chosen 10 trekking routes for the visitors of the island.
Those who will choose to walk on these routes will have the opportunity to see the old stone pavements, sights of archeological interest and to admire areas of rare physical beauty. On the list below, you can find a detailed description of those routes. For more information, you can contact with the two Municipalities of Tinos Island.


In Tinos, there are a lot of sea- caves that you can visit.
- The cave of Gastria ( It is located in Kionia)
- The cave of Migospilia or Kammeni Spilia ( It is located in the middle of the northern coast of Tinos, north- western of the village Aetofolia)
- The cave of Vrekastro ( It is located in the eastern coast of the Vrekastro mountain- 3 km eastern of the town of Tinos)
- The cave of Fournakia (It is located in the Fournakia bay, between the capes Paparguras and Aksaxopos of the north- eastern coast.)
- The cave of Voulismena ( It is located in the eastern coast of Voulismena, 1 km southern of Faneromeni)
- The cave of Kithara ( It is located 3 km northern of the cave of Voulismena)
- The cave of Drakolaka ( It is located 4 km eastern of the village Platia and 1 km southern of the Bathi bay)
- The caves of Spilia ( They are located 1 km western of the bay of Livada, between the capes Fero Krimno and Disfai)
- The cave Mourounia ( It is located in the eastern side of Mourounia cape)
- The cave Koufagreli ( It is located 3 nautical miles from the port of Panormos)
- The cave Krouftres ( it is located northern of Falatados)
- The caves of Panormos and Kamara ( They are located in the north- western side of Panormos’ bay)

Do you enjoy wind-surfing? If you do enjoy it, then Tinos is the appropriate destination for you. Discover the beaches of Aiolo’s island which are windy and appropriate for surfing. Do you prefer fishing? Then, buy the equipment needed and choose the place you want.

Tinos is the appropriate place for those who enjoy hunting. In Tinos there is a large variety of birds, like thrushes - doves, woodcocks and partridges. There are, also, wild rabbits and hares.

:: CLIMBING - Photos
Try your maintenance choosing to climb in the mountain of Ksombourgo or in Tsiknias.

At the hotels of Tinos, you can find tennis court, mini golf court and ping pong table.
There is, also, a football court in the town of the island.

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