Artichoke dressing

Just by taking a look at it: You need your artichokes, a sharp knife, a bowl of water and some lemon. You will also need some lemons to rub the artichokes in the process of cleaning.

1) Take your artichoke, trim the stem leaving about 5 cm with a knife and start to cut the hard outer leaves of the artichoke.

2) When you reach the internal, a little more white and tender leaves, turn the artichoke and clean the stem.

3) With the stub cut the bottom of the tough leaves that are left. So that the artichoke in the end stays white and clean. Rub the artichoke with a lemon preventing it from browning.

4) Turn it back over with the top upwards .With a knife, cut the remaining leaves in a circular motion.

5) Rub the artichoke with the lemon one more time.

6) Cut the artichoke in half. With the tip of the knife, remove the "mustaches" of the artichoke at its center.

7) Put the cleaned artichokes into the bowl with water and lemon.
Now they are ready for cooking!