Wind mill complex for sale, including the main "paraspito" house located under the mill. Both fully furnished and equipped. Ready to move in, the only necessity is to bring linen and clothing.
The windmill is a sixteenth century traditional building -totally renovated- two storey, with a spacious sea view veranda.
In the lower level area 26,5 sq. m. is the living room, kitchen and dining area. On the top floor on 26,5 sq. m. is a gorgeous bedroom with bath. It accommodates four persons, Two persons may sleep on each floor
because the sitting area can be converted into a spacious sleeping facility.
Additional boiler room basement area 27 sq. m is provided with plenty of storage. In the same area there is provision for laundry and dryer, available on request.

Under the wind mill is the main "Paraspito", a one level house, total main area 65 sq. m. with sitting area, dining and kitchen, all overlooking the spacious cane shaded veranda.
Plus one bedroom with adjoining marble bath. It can accommodate 4-5 persons.
Further back extends a 25 sq. m. basement, storage, boiler room. In the same area there is provision for laundry and dryer.

This rare traditional building complex combines the authentic Architectural shapes of the Cycladic Islands equipped with all the modern necessary conveniences. The old stone walls are adorned with marble "IPER-THIRA" (sculptured decorative marble windows) over the doors and windows, along with exquisite hand chiseled stone floors with sculptured marble inlaids, depicting old fortune invoking motifs.
Marble baths, double glazed airtight wooden windows with hand made lace curtains, old wooden beams under wood ceilings and a multitude of niches on the walls. Both kitchens are fully furnished with all the electric appliances (stove, furnace, dishwasher, fridge) incorporated
in the kitchen closets unobserved, and the bedrooms are furnished with beds and supplied with plenty of closets. Both houses are ready for you to move in.

Total Net Price for the Wind Mill and “Paraspito” complex: 370.000 Euros.

It is a fact that all this information cannot not be really appreciated unless you come to see for yourself the quality of living that is restored in these age old traditional buildings. It is definitely worth flying over for a weekend to check for self. In this case, if you would notify us in advance, we would be very happy to escort you to the windmill, and the vicinity.

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